Just a Few of My Favorite Things

Picture Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp children, comforting one another in a storm. The best way to calm down? Break out in a musical number of course! 

While I possess no musical talent whatsoever, I do have a few things that make my art space feel like home: 

  1. Dr. Ph Martin's Radiant Concentrate Watercolors - these bad boys were introduced to me by a college professor and I never turned back. They are perfect for anything from brushstrokes to creating droplet textures. A little goes a long way, trust me. 
  2. Black Cat India Ink - because all black, everything. This is my go to ink when my pens are just not black enough or I need to fill in large spaces. Plus, it gets bonus points for being waterproof and therefore not running into my watercolors.
  3. Blue painters tape - You know that scene in "You've Got Mail" where Meg Ryan's character sniffs the tape while reminiscing about New York in the fall? Yea, that's me with painters tape. From boarders to creating layers to covering sections, it does it all. Oh, and it's handy for painting rooms in your home too. ;) 
  4. Crayola Crayons - nothing takes me back to my days of coloring all black in coloring books quite like crayons. I like using a few more colors as an adult, and they are the perfect contrast to watercolors since the wax shows through the water. 


What are your favorite creative tools? Let me know in the comments below!